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Thursday, July 11, 2013



They need to make up their minds. I fear they already have. It would have been fairly easy for them to have reconciled with Benedict; they chose not to do so. There is no indication that Francis sees them as anything more than a minor irritant. Add to that the fact that both John Paul II and John XXIII are scheduled to be canonized, and it seems likely that these bishops will die without having reconciled with the Church and without having given or received a valid absolution in decades. A new generation is growing up in SSPX that has never known a regular relationship within the Catholic Church, so they will not feel the pull to return that their elders should have felt.

All this is too bad for the sake of their souls. But the Catholic Church will continue and prosper with or without them. The EF will continue within the Catholic Church whether or not they follow the Old Catholics into schism. The relationship between SSPX and the Holy See is not one of equals, it is not one of mutual dependence, and SSPX needs to come to terms with that.

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