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Monday, May 13, 2013



Pretty much every authentic Marian message boils down to "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." It's a message we always need to hear. Add "Pray the Rosary," and there's not much more we need. In other words, she doesn't so much tell us what we don't know; she reminds us of what we know we should be doing but aren't doing (enough).


Your article would be better if you actually quoted the third secret published by the Vatican, which is not really that long. If you did, any intelligent reader would be puzzled by this comment in the article: "The years of waiting for the revelation of the Third Secret combined with the discretion of the Vatican built up in many people's minds the idea that the Third Secret predicted some catastrophe, like a nuclear war, a world-wide natural disaster or a great tribulation within the Church." Looking at the text of the third secret, we see one who the children thought was the Pope wander through a city that is half destroyed and half trembling and filled with corpses, followed by his apparent death at the foot of the cross. All of this could certainly be interpreted in one or all of the ways the author seems to want to discredit for some odd reason. People, however, who want something more specific are unfamiliar with the typical language of authentic prophecy.


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