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Tuesday, March 26, 2013



A very excellent article, thank you, Carl!
Benedict has been very generous to us (with his life/teaching/understanding, and otherworldly wisdom), and his pontificate has been very spiritually rewarding for many (myself).
Benedict the Beloved and Brilliant, I miss him so!


I have long thought that much of what Pope Benedict has written is for all time. Many note that he is brilliant but that does not begin to capture him and his work. He is brilliant and extraordinarily erudite, yes, but what sets him apart is that he has devoted all of his extraordinary talents to the service of God, to the service of Christ. This makes his brilliance and erudition not only impressive but also beautiful.


I'm a huge admirer of Benedict XVI's. But the assertion, without consideration or analysis of any of his 264 predecessors, that he is "the greatest theologian-pope" is simply hyperbolic. It's not outside the realm of possibility, but folks like, say, Leo the Great at least deserve consideration.


I agree - the last two popes have been two of the most intelligent, thoughtful men. We are very lucky. As time goes on, people are going to realize that in Benedict, we had a giant in our midst. There is so much Benedict did, during his pontificate and that of JP II. As people uncover the magnificent breadth and depth of it, they will be amazed. I suspect he will be esteemed much more highly in the future than he is now.

JP II and Benedict have set the stage so that the church can be revived. The deep philosophical basis is now there. That philosophical basis has been translated into workable theology that every day people and clergy can understand. Now, we have the next step - a charismatic and gifted man (Francis) who just may spread the gospel like never before.

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