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Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Laura P

I like the quote from JPII. The simple change in attitude toward stay-at-home moms would go a long way toward "compensation"! Personally, as a SAHM of 5 kids, I don't need monetary compensation. All my financial needs are taken care of by my husband. What I would really like is for society in general to stop the snarky comments and to recognize that what I do is important and worthwhile, and not the province of the "lazy", "uneducated", or "untalented". I don't necessarily need special recognition days or ceremonies or whatever. I'm talking about the general attitude that people have.

I also think there is another piece to this debate. The article mentioned debate about what to do for low-to-moderate income women/families so the woman can stay home if she wants to. I would suggest that more women could actually stay home who think they "have to" work to make ends meet. It is possible to stay home when your husband's income is "moderate". It takes sacrifice, yes, but it is possible. My husband's income is "moderate", and I stay home, yet we can pay our bills and we have all we need, and are still able to eat mostly organic food, send our kids to Catholic schools, and tithe to the church. How do we do that? We have a budget, we have one vehicle, we live in a small house, we have no cable, we shop second-hand, we have a garden, and we don't have most of the "gadgets" that people think they can't do without.....and we do just fine. Now, I realize that not every family can function with one vehicle or have a garden or whatever. But every family can look for ways to trim the budget. Perhaps if we as a society begin to rethink our definition of "need" and "prosperity", more women would realize that they CAN stay home.

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