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Wednesday, January 02, 2013



Thank you Fr. Van Hove. This is terrific. MacCulloch stands as a symbol of how the mind detached from orthodox faith easily goes off track. This is something Catholics should have a keener appreciation of than even Protestants, and cause them to be grateful for the Magisterium. Even the reliable Presbyterian Carl Trueman writes,

Some years ago, I switched Lindberg for Diarmaid MacCulloch's The Reformation: A History. The students loved this book as a read but found it less helpful as a reference textbook and so I switched back to Lindberg the following year. MacCulloch is one of the best Reformation historians alive and this is what I would call a brilliant, scholarly beach read -- well-constructed explanatory narrative history, rooted in profound and accurate scholarship, laid out in the grand epic style.

Not noted is that MacCulloch is an avowed agnostic and homosexual. As Van Hove shows, this does indeed color his writing. Reminds me of Will and Ariel Durant. Marvelous historians, but to be read with discernment. It may sound like the cautioning of a fundamentalist, but it is warranted. Telling that it is only anywhere mentioned here.

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