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Saturday, January 12, 2013


jack Smith

Primary reason concerns the decent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus which is explained by Peter when he says " you must be Baptised in the Holy Spirit just as Christ was"...........

Michael Barber

Great post!


His baptism marked a major step in his calling as Messiah (descent of the Spirit, words of the Father) and served as preparation for the beginning of his public ministry. Since he was baptized, we can begin following in his footsteps by doing the same.

Also, since Christ identifies with sinners throughout his ministry and eventually dies for them on the Cross, the identification with sinners in the act of baptism is of a piece with that.

Joe Q

The infallible Council of Trent says in session 7 in the canons on baptism that:

Canon 5. If anyone says that baptism is optional, that is, not necessary for salvation, let him be anathema.

and session 6:

"By which words, a description of the Justification of the impious is indicated,-as being a translation, from that state wherein man is born a child of the first Adam, to the state of grace, and of the adoption of the sons of God, through the second Adam, Jesus Christ, our Saviour. And this translation, since the promulgation of the Gospel, cannot be effected, without the laver of regeneration, or the desire thereof, as it is written; unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God" Council of Trent, Sixth Session, Fourth Chapter

Gloria Schotten

As Cardinal John Henry Newman said "to go deep into history is to cease to be Protestant. I learn something new everyday. This post very revealing, insightful and beautiful. Thank you so much.

Gloria Schotten.


It is both Baptism and Confirmation, as Pope Benedict says in "Jesus of Nazareth".

Watch Phone

Since he was baptized, we can start following in his actions by doing the same.

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