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Saturday, November 10, 2012



thank you. excellent post. my catholic friends frequently mention you as a positive influence in their lives.
God bless.


Thank you and God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost bless you!

When people speak the 'equivalence' of 'faiths', I think - where is GOD-Father-Son-Holy Ghost = GOD. Anything other is, what else is there? Satan.


An alternative view that is inclusivist and not syncretist is presented in James Cutsinger's, "The Perennial Philosophy and Christianity".

Richard E.

When I read this: ". God does not punish pagans unjustly. He does not punish them for not believing in a Jesus they never heard of, through no fault of their own (invincible ignorance)" I was reminded of the words that Blessed Pope John Paul II wrote in one of his encyclicals, and have used his words in discussion about salvation. Thank you


Thanks Roger, I certainly will. I eneyjod listening to Mr Lennox's reasoning on science and religion in this video. He has a delightful demeanor.The history or evidence of Jesus raising from the dead is a very good point of what the atheist or agnostic needs to try and disprove in the reasoning of our faith. Simple proofs we sometimes overlook. Faith is a gift from God.It does not matter if your a scientist or a grocery clerk,we as believers should be prepared to answer questions like Mr Lennox does so effectively >Thanks again for this website

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