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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Ed Peters

I readily defer to Carl's opinion of James Bond films, of course, but I still wonder, why on earth does L'Osservatore Romano care about Bond films, and we do we care that L'Osservatore Romano cares?

Peter L

Ah,it's great to see Pope Benedict is only shaken and not stirred,i wonder if he is a fan of 3D,ahem.Seriously though,what can beat a planned night at the cinema.?A blockbuster movie with a meal before or after,i prefer after and meeting with friends,great.I haven't watched a Bond movie since Pierce Brosnan last donned the tuxedo.Bond is at his best on the big screen for me and i have always found the franchise enjoyable and may well give Craig a chance in the role,he never quite looked like Bond to me and probably was the cause of my sidestepping the franchise lately.

My big upcoming movie is "The Hobbit."Three whole movies dedicated to this one book is delicious and i will probably be like Sméagol is with the "ring" when it is released on Blu Ray and in glorious sound and visuals .............."My Precious."

Charles E Flynn

Here is an interesting review, with many spoilers:

Fr. Barron comments on "Skyfall" (SPOILERS)

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