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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Justin N.

Thank you for posting this. He has some good points that I hadn't thought of before...

Charlie B

I'll say it once, I'll say it a thousand times, a voice crying in the wilderness of ecclesial inertia: we have a life-changing vision of the human person, human sexuality, and sacramental marriage. Unless and until the chief pastors of our communion decide to take prophetic, courageous, structural, and developmental ACTION on behalf of marriage and family (a la Familiaris consortio, nos. 65-70), our primary evangelizing and vocation engendering community (the domestic church) will continue to be evangelized by the likes of 50 Shades, Modern Family, Two and a Half Men, Sex and the City (and variations there of) yadda, yadda.
Happy, healthy, on-the-path-to holiness (Lumen gentium, V) marriages and families make our best doctrine. From engagement to the confirmation of their first child, we have 4 opps to evangelize and strengthen couples. I'll be glad to share a modest schema if anyone is interested. E mail me. Meanwhile, in joyful hope...

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