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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Ken Mafli

It is a great reminder that the offense of the cross is what made the way for billions of followers to spend eternity with their Creator. Thanks for the post!


Mr. Olson, I think you meant St. Rosa of Lima, not St. Rome. I love that St. Rosa quote.


Great article!

This is one reason why if we devote ourselves to our Blessed Mother, we are on the surest path to Christ's Kingdom. I even think that Our Lord alludes to Our Lady in the Gospel reading for today. Take a look if you are interested:

God bless

Peter L

God proclaimed through the prophet Isaiah, “my servant shall justify many and their guilt he shall bear.”

I often wonder who the Jews thought God was alluding to here.

Very well written article btw.


Then, after further reflection, I have to admit how often I have approached Jesus in the same way, making demands in the guise of thinly veiled impatience. I need this done now, God! I want an answer immediately—and here’s the answer I expect!

So true. That is why the quote from St. Therese of Lisieux is right on the mark. There have been a few times in my life when I have been able to live the admonition of St. Paul to pray without ceasing. I don't claim constant success in this by any stretch but I have found in those periods that when we live every moment in a constant running conversation with God, it is not only in our emergencies that he hears from us, but our joys, surprises, laughter and every aspect of our lives, so that our gratitude and love goes directly to him at every moment. In such a state of humility our petitions for help are moderated, and tend to be less self-centered.

O, for the grace to live that way always.

Viviana Castelli

Thank you VERY much!

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