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Friday, October 19, 2012


Charlie B

I have written (Family Planning: A guide for exploring the Issues. Liguori Publ, 1985-2009) that feminism, in blanket endorsements of contraception and abortion, unwittingly reinforce the very roots of the sexism and chauvinism they wish to neutralize. Layden's idea of sexual obesity is enshrined cultural icons like Howard Stern or Tucker Max, and in the James Bond fantasy where women are precocious, available, seductive, never say no (for long), never menstruating, never have a headache, never get pregnant - i.e. an illusion (or perhaps delusion?). Contraception and abortion make this fantasy possible. I keep wondering if or when feminist "leaders" might wake up and smell the hypocrisy, and the damage done. I ain't holding my breath.


So many women (and men too) are conditioned to think that somehow, by indulging in their worst desires, they might find lasting satisfaction. What is found instead, is that the more you indulge, the stronger you crave, until the things that "turn you on" today, were unthinkable yesterday. IN an attempt to chase after the chimerical bliss, they try to change the culture so they don't have to feel guilty about the extent of their degradation. Seriously, have you seen *greeting cards* lately? Many of them are pornographic cartoons!

So when did pregnancy turn from being a blessing, to being a terrible cliff-hanger in a story? I was told years ago that it was all because the economy was worse and people were worried about feeding the little bundles of joy. Nope. Can't be, because babies were still blessings during the Great Depression. It's because you can't chase the bliss... and raising babies is hard. Yet women are left cold, spiritually hungry and alone more than ever before. And it's our own fault.

Also, for most of those feminists, their philosophy has become their ego. If you disagree with them, it is a hate crime. If reality shows that their conclusions are false, reality must be wrong. "Women must not be trying hard enough! We are not fee yet! Just wait while I" another momentary fling down the rabbit hole of (so called) identity.

Also... how are you supposed to attract a nice reliable young man when most of your philosophy involves castigating the entire male species? I know a number of honorable and reliable and good hearted men who've sworn perpetual single-hood because getting married is too dangerous, and women too hostile and fickle. There are entire internet cultures based on this. Certainly they are not an example to follow, but they are yet another symptom of this disease.

Micha Elyi

The contraceptive pill was demanded by women. Legal abortion was demanded by women. They are called "women's rights issues" by women. Yet the Eberstadt and Hymnowitz women blame - wait for it - men.

Sisters, I am disappointed.

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