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Monday, July 23, 2012


Gail Finke

Maria Boulding's translation is FANTASTIC. I tell everyone to get that one. The description given above EXACTLY fits. I am a very poor Latin scholar, but reading this book made me want to read the original and so, after failing to find a copy in Latin, I downloaded book one from the internet and struggled through most of it before giving up due to lack of time and skill. I am terrible at Latin grammar but good with context and style, and to me her translation really captures the feel of St. Augustine's original text, which is not at all the dry, dull tome one might expect but a exciting, pell-mell, love letter to God. I am so glad Ignatius Press has used this translation and I can't wait to read the introduction! The rotten introductions to classic works in most editions really wear you down after a while, and lately I don't bother to read any. I hope you sell a million copies. If you have never read The Confessions, if you have read another translation, if you have read this translation but don't own it -- buy it!!!!!

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