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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Rosie Davis

At some point we are going to have to admit that we don't know anything but the most minimal of facts.
That God & the universe is bigger, more complicated & magnificent than we could possible understand, imagine & describe.
AND :-
We will have to let science in.
Because God is science & science is God.
From the minute fraction that we may understand, still we have not got even an inkling as to how brilliant it all is.

Gregory Williams

The most profound thought on this subject that I've come up with is this. God does not so much answer our question of why suffering exists. Rather, he joins us in our suffering, and takes our suffering upon Himself on the Cross. In so doing, He becomes one with us, telling us, among other things, that we are not alone in our suffering, but that He Himself is with us.

I'd really love for someone to help me see things better or more truthfully if I need to be corrected. To quote one of my seminary professors, "I speak heresy fluently."

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