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Friday, June 22, 2012



Excellent article by Mr. Deavel. I too can relate to much of what he said. It seems some days like just yesterday (I came into the Church in 2003) and at other times I feel I have always been Catholic.

That is why I often repeat that old saw, "the reason I am a practicing Catholic is that I am not very good at it yet."

I remember telling my brother back when I entered the Church that "if I wanted it easy, I would not have become Catholic." There are days when I feel like a prophet when I think of that but then I also remember the experience I had when I first received communion.

It was a Saturday evening. Our priest had just baptized and confirmed me one sacrament right after the other, without RCIA, after having been convinced I had fully studied the faith and knew what I was about. That was in the afternoon and my wife and I stayed for the vigil mass. I could not wait to receive until Sunday morning.

When I received the Body of Christ I returned to the pew to kneel in prayer and it was in that instant that I sensed the presence, all around me, of faithful Catholics, saints and unrecognized faithful, all of them gazing down at me in love and welcome, peaceful and reassuring. It seemed that they came from all down through the ages of the Church and were there to welcome me. I had tears in my eyes. I have never felt so at home in my entire life.

I had received the Body of Christ and these people were the body of Christ as well. The doctrine of the Communion of Saints has never had any difficulty for me ever since.

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