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Monday, June 25, 2012



There has been a relentless propaganda assault.

I came home from work and my daughter is watching Ellen on TV going on about proposition 8 in front of a studio audience primed with gifts to be supportive.

Just about every show has a sympathetic "gay" character e.g "Modern Family".

On the other hand Christians are often depicted as snaggle toothed bigots and our cause is not helped by Westboro Baptists who conform to stereotype.

This is the moment where Western Civilization has "jumped the shark", where hedonistic sexual relationships take precedence over reproductive ones.

Indeed to my horror my kids were taught at school that there is a condition called "unplanned pregnancy" - akin to a disease such as gentle warts both avoidable by condoms.

Take exception to such teaching and you will be treated as an idiot - out of touch with reality.

Make no mistake our culture is at war with God and his Church eg HHS mandate.

It is a rebellion and the consequences will be dire, I suspect.

Peter L

Anyone who thinks a child being brought up and raised by Homosexual couples would not be emotionally damaged is either foolish or uncaring to the child's needs.One "parent" can never be his or her father and both can never be his or her mother.It is a social experiment too far and for the sake of a generation of children,it must not be supported.Thinking of children's welfare is now deemed bigotry in today's broken society.

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