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Thursday, June 21, 2012



I remember back in parochial school in the 1960's, the nuns would urge us to get a priest to administer Extreme Unction whenever a family member was gravely ill. Too many Catholics put off this sacrament untill it was too late in those days. Is it really so bad that Catholic Priests these days annoint the sick too soon?


Informative article. I was not aware of the kinds and extent of the abuse of the sacrament, but then I have been somewhat fuzzy myself on the nature of the sacrament.

Personal experience. Several years ago I had a kidney removed because of a tumor. Complications after the same operation had killed my father a few years before and it was fresh in my memory although I was a younger man and in overall good health. Even the anaesthesiologist noticed my fear in our pre-op meeting.

Being somewhat new to the Catholic faith at that time I quite frankly did not even think of the sacrament of anointing. My concern was only to go to confession and clear my conscience. I can remember lying on the table as they were putting the needles in my arm and saying to Jesus, I trust in you, and I may just see you on the other side of this.

Later I was speaking to a priest, after my recovery, and he said I should have asked for the sacrament of anointing. I filed that for later reference without questioning it.

So it seems now, after reading this article, I did the right thing, quite without knowing it.

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