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Monday, April 23, 2012


bill bannon

But even Pope Benedict alluding to the Austrian situation on Holy Thursday parted company with a black and white paradigm of "faithful" versus "dissent" in all cases of dissent...noting: " But let us not oversimplify matters. Surely Christ himself corrected human traditions which threatened to stifle the word and the will of God? Indeed he did, so as to rekindle obedience to the true will of God…”
He was alluding to the Sabbath dissent by both Christ and the disciples (whom Christ had told to obey the scribes and pharisees as sitting on the chair of Moses much like Lumen Gentium 25's religious submission clause for Catholics vis a vis the Pope in the non infallible). Yet Christ who "came under the law" (Gal.4:4) dissented in matters not parallel to women priests but parallel to priests marrying... regula disciplinae...rules of discipline. The dissent of Christ and the apostles e.g. on the Sabbath picking of grain and eating it as they walked through the fields took thinking rather than blind
obedience. To the pharisees it was doctrine but to Christ it was discipline and hence
He corrects their mistake: " The Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath".
Sooner or later the mature Christian will face the epikeia test either small or large but there will come an area where a dissent like Christ's is called for and thinking will be required.

Carl E. Olson

Bill: Simple answer: I was obviously not talking about matters of discipline, but of doctrine. Which is why I used the word "doctrine" more than once. Also, I attend an Eastern Catholic parish; I know well the difference between a discipline (married men being ordained as priests in the East) and doctrine (only men can be priests). So, in the end, I'm not sure what your point is.


Carl, it's good that you've joined the Church, because you are definitely a worthy warrior for Her cause!
God bless.

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