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Monday, March 26, 2012


bill bannon

Fr. Lombardi is as simplistic on the sexual abuse period as the attackers are and he really needs to read the catechism of Trent on the sin of flattery. But perhaps his job is flattery. Neither of the last two Popes were Christ whipping the malefactors out of the temple. They were slow to act. Court records disclosed that the CDF office had an audio tape of the evil gay views of Fr. Shanley in 1979 and several years later than that Shanley was promoted to pastor and molested several boys. I can't imagine Amish society having such inefficiency of watchfulness and such loathness to shun. Shanley should have been out as soon as the tape was played in Rome. Instead the CDF wrote Boston and then timidly accepted Boston's general assurance which avoided any committment about Shanley. But Catholic priests have this difference from Amish
leaders: they spend a lifetime listening weekly to confessions of dirty least they did back then. Imagine being a priest listening to people confessing sexual sins every week of your life. It must become to them an inevitable tragedy of human existence and one that is widespread while to the Amish leader who hears no confessions and to many Catholic faithful who hear no confessions, such sins are rare human events.
For hearers of confessions...priests...the world is a sinful place weekly. For others, it is rarely so. This is a piece of the puzzle but not an excuse for our having no Christ with the whip amongst the hierarchy in this matter. Benedict at the CDF reviewed these cases every Friday for years. Later when Pope and when Cardinal Sodano could not deflect him, he acted against Macial. Macial was one of thousands worldwide. John Paul II was not just blind in the Macial case but was blind after being warned in the Austrian case of Cardinal Groer...not to mention detached from the worldwide problem of thousands of priests.

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