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Friday, March 09, 2012



First, why is everyone so young?!

Second, a story about the vendee would be great, not to mention timely...but this looks like yet another 'well meaning but poorly made christian movie'
And I don't mean to bash those involved, again they were well meaning, it's just sad they did not have the production values of a bigger budget film.

Carl E. Olson

Ed: Before jumping the gun, read a bit on Ignatius Insight about Navis Pictures and why their two movies feature all-children casts. You'll note that founder of Navis, Jim Morlino, was (in his words) "a professional musician and actor for about 25 years (I got my S.A.G. card when I was 24)". The production values of a bigger budget film require, well, a big budget. And if films were only made if they had a big budget, what good would that be? The fact is, Navis Pictures' first movie, St. Bernadette of Lourdes, was quite delightful and well produced; I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Yes, I may have jumped the gun, my apologies. It's just that I have seen one too many poorly made 'catholic' movies, and quite frankly some are embarrassing. The Catholic faith is a grand thing indeed, it's art should be no less, and crappy films (like most of Leonardo Defilippis' work) don't help our cause imho. If that is not the case here, with Navis pictures, then more power to them!


Ed makes a point (Defilippis' movies stink!).

The Catholic faith is so awe-some that it just often doesn't carry well in some media, especially movies (and books, and art...). The subject matter overwhelms the form (von Balthasar?), and explodes it -- if done well.
But if done poorly, it dismays, it disturbs (in a bad kind of way), and turns into kitch.
Flannery O'Connor said a few things about it, too.

Dan Deeny

Balzac wrote a novel about the War in the Vendee. I read it and it is very good.

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