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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Gail Finke

" But since we live in a human world in which God does not directly speak to us, we need to ask, Who decides that God has given, say, the Catholic bishops his authority?'

Who indeed. Could it be.... Jesus Christ???? I am not a lofty ND theologian. But I know that if you don't think the bishops speak for the faith, then you're not Catholic. That's kind of one of our big things -- to put it in layman's terms.

Peter l

"After all, very few Catholics in the U.S. pay attention to Church teaching anymore. See this poll! Watch this interview! Check out these stats!"

Also,lets not forget those totally unbiased headlines in the secular media that "inform" people of the Popes outdated and bigoted views.Headlines like "Popes war on women" concerning the abortion issue in America at the moment and "Popes war on equal rights" concerning same sex marriage.Has anyone else noticed that only three or four sentences are printed out of a lengthy,caring,understanding and ultimately truthful speech by the Pope.?Printing the whole speech may cast the Pope as having wisdom,of course this would not do.

The cave in Catholic is being secularized,every day,little by little,his or her faith is being undermined by blatant and willfully dishonest falsehoods.

The quotes from Abp Fulton Sheen and St. Vincent of Lérins mentioned in this piece were great,i wont mind if you foist some more :-)

Charles E Flynn

Elections and the Changing Catholic Demographic, by George J. Marlin.

Charles E Flynn

"The Unintended Reformation" is getting some interesting comments at

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