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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Rosie Davis

Good stuff !
We need as many people thinking as possible, it is the only way to get anywhere. What these people are saying is that there is "JUST US".
Just our little universe.
There is the God of yesterday ; The Creator....
We can either ditch God or re-think the God aspect.
So far what has happened, is that mankind interpreted God in as safe & user-friendly way as we could handle & also to maintain social control & order. Opposition from all quarters was not tolerated.
BUT:- the probing mind cannot be thwarted for long.
AND:- also, it is no good behaving like GOD is "ignorant" just because we have, some or a lot of KNOWLEDGE now.
(tarring God with the brush of ignorant, in our state of ignorance)
The GOD of today is a Quantum Physicist, a Mathematician, a Geneticist & much more that we can not even begin to imagine yet.
We know nothing in the actual scheme of things. There are other frequencies & parallel universes & life every where & who knows for how many Gazillions of centuries MANKIND of any or many sorts has been knocking around.
Maybe when we die (loose our body) we go on into a conscious, abstract life. Maybe our conscious memory re-groups & becomes one mass. Who knows ?
However I personally think that it would be a mistake to exit GOD from the equation. I have a funny feeling that, The God Factor is an important, life force, energy connection to/for us.
A could be clue:- "we are created in the image of God"
Until we know something concrete it is prudent to hang on to God.
Hence, Pascal's Wager.

Rosie Davis

Wouldn't it be nice if, in the same charming way that the shooting stars flash across the sky's, our relatives, from else were in the universe, look out their windows, down at us, as they pass by.
Yearning to stop & visit & "chew the fat" & "press the flesh"...
Only that America first, then others would follow suit & would shoot them out of the sky & slice them like salami, on a slab in a lab somewhere under ground.
So much for familial love......

Peter l

I think it is great to see this type of post on a Catholic/Religious blog.One would get the impression that science and universe exploration is something for our Secular/Atheist brothers and sisters only.How wrong that assumption is.Most non believers i encounter on the internet believe religion is counter to scientific discovery.Some get surprised when i mention my keen interest the bashing of atoms,the next mars probe that will land,hopefully successfully in august,the bending of space time and wormholes.

I am of now to charge up my particle accelerator.

Charles E Flynn

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