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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ed Peters

Fine post. Thanks.


Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.


But wait a minute...

"Forcing persons wrongfully to cooperate in actions *** they judge *** to be evil is evil..."

Doesn't that qualifier fall prey to the same rhetoric?

Ed Peters


Nancy D.

Even if one does not recognize evil to be evil, that which is evil is evil.

Forcing persons to cooperate in actions they recognize are evil, is evil.

Robert Miller

The religious liberty issue is a good handle if you're looking for a place in the US "public square".
But it's deficient if you're looking for where we really need to be at this moment.
Catholics really need to be attacking the extension of government sanction/mandate to the whole detritus of the sexual/cultural revolution that the BO administration is promoting. The Catholic thing is a public thing, and, when circumstances are conducive, it ultimately makes Catholic "free exercise" the only "free exercise".
I'm all for artful rhetoric, but to compare our situation with that of the Amish, for example, is ludicrous. We aim for recognition and deference from the accredited (secular and religious)authorities (cf., St. Paul and all of the apostles to the various nations). Apostles confront and convert the elites: that's the real arena of the "New Evangelization".


"Creation is at work everywhere, on a large scale occasionally, but more significantly in small achievements... All over the world I have found small groups who are building a new world in the shell of one crumbling around us." Maisie Ward

The Sheeds like the Schaeffers' a L'Abri had grand ideas of Christianizing culture. The CHurch certainly has. But they all gradually saw the Christian culture shift away from them and their lasting work be with the little guys. So I am not sure about the elites. If either of those couples could see the moral slide today, I wonder how they would react, since they both seemed slightly shell-shocked by the far less egregious compromises they witnessed in their own time. Christiantiy's culture defining days may have been just for a moment of brief public witness. I hope not.


Ah, Robert Miller, you are asserting the Catholicism is the true religion. Isn't that essentially what Brugger says we have been most fearful of saying?

I think the expression "freedom of religion" creates its own illusion. It carries with it the myth of a neutral society. To best understand Dignitatis Humanae the better expression is tolerance. That document, which so irks some on the SSPX side of the discussion, recognizes the very core of our faith, which is personal and internal to the individual, and as Trent points out, a gift from God.

In my youth I knew a missionary who experienced the Chinese brain-washing of the 40's and 50's and had been released. He was physically strong but mentally broken, a wanderer, quiet and distant, a man who one could only commit to God's loving care. That is the only way a man's conscience can be violated, and with limited success.

So the ideal is the Catholic society that tolerates the practice of other faiths, and informs the secular machinery of law as to the truth that must be upheld. So yes, your comparison to the Apostle is apt, because, as you say, he went after the elites.

Yet before this, I think we must heed the Holy Father's recent initiative with respect to the New Evangelization of which the CDF says,

“is intended to contribute to a renewed conversion to the Lord Jesus and to the rediscovery of faith, so that the members of the Church will be credible and joy-filled witnesses to the risen Lord, capable of leading those many people who are seeking it to the door of faith.”


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