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Monday, October 03, 2011


Stephanie A. Mann

There are so many authentic really bad novels that it is hard to choose the fakes! Guessing:
The Templar Tantrum; The Deadly Scrolls; The Dead Sea Deception; The Knowledge of Good and Evil; The Curia Code; Elisha's Bones; The Phoenix Apostles; The Magdalene's Gospel; The Marks of Cain; The Didache Deception.
I wouldn't be surprised if this was a trick question and all the titles and blurbs are real

Carl E. Olson

Stephanie: I assure you, the real titles are real, and the fake titles are real also. That is, the ten fakes are really fake!


PLEASE tell me these are fakes:

The Phoenix Apostles
The Templar Legacy
The Knowledge of Good and Evil
The Templar Throne
The Breath of God
The Cardinal's Mission
Elisha's Bones
The Constantine Codex
The Marks of Cain


Funny how they all sound so similar. And yet, people keep writing - and reading - them. My guess for the fakes (this kind of feels like Balderdash): The Dead Sea Deception, Sanctus: A Novel, The Templar Throne, The Constantine Codex, The Emperor's Bible, The Messiah Secret, The Curia Code, The Cardinal's Mission, The Deadly Scrolls, and Labyrinth.


My ten: The Secret of the Upper Room, The Revelator's Legacy, the Curia Code, The Cardinal's Mission, The Deadly Scrolls, The Didache Deception, The Fourteenth Apostle ( a real book, this time of poetry--just not this description), The Magdalene's Gospel (also a real book but purporting to be one of schlarship...), The Emperor's Bible (there was one) and my all time favorite, the Templar Tantrum. There are actually TWO dreadful books bering the moniker The Knowledge of Good and Evil--one a novel that bears a passing resemblance to the description provided (you left out the best parts...) and one a work of scholarship.....


"The Revelator's Legacy", a fake or not, it's bound to be a classic with a title like that.
(I know it's a fake, I checked the answers, but I was intrigued nonetheless, and my vocabulary is richer now.
Carl, you are a scheming genius, out-crafting Dan Brown/s!)

peter l

I really was going to have a serious go at this quiz but i really couldn't tell the fake's from the,oh yes,other fake's lol.I cannot wait until The Dead Sea Deception is made into a movie though,it is definitely a not to be missed show :-)


OK, so I got three wrong and 7 correct. Not bad.

Knowing Carl Olson, the Magdalene Gospel must be a fake.

The templar Tantrum just too ridiculous to be true (come on, "tantrum" what editor would allow that?)

The Joy Chittinger character in the "The Curia Code" is a dead give away. Must be referring to Sr. Joan Chittister.

The Didache Deception is also an easy one. Those history illeterate wouldn't know what Didache is.


I can't belive that "The Last Templar" is a real novel. It sounds like something the Onion would think up, going by your description. In fact the very title reminds me of an Indiana Jones movie.


I did terribly. I only got 3 out of 10 -- worse than my odds if I had picked them at random. I guess that means that the real books sound more outrageously made-up than the pretend ones.

Clark Wilson

Since (I am told) novels and movies are often approved on the basis of a title and a two-sentence description, and since the fakes here are so convincing, it seems Mr. Olson has a back-up career he can fall into if he needs to.


I indulge in Schadenfreude sometimes by watching shows in which people claim to see images of incandescent bulbs in Egyptian hieroglyphics or that the Nazis built the V-1 and V-2 using alien technology. Incandescent bulbs and vacuum tubes, eh? No wonder they crashed at Roswell.

It might be fun to work them in, too.


Beng writes: "The Didache Deception is also an easy one. Those history illeterate wouldn't know what Didache is."

That was the same logic I used to pick off "The Curia Code" and "The Revelator's Secret." After that I got everything wrong.

Chris Campbell

I was just buying computer memory on Amazon when the recommendations threw up a book called The Lucifer Code by Michael Cordy. It looks like another conspiracy book worthy of your Real List.


"The Templar Tantrum" easily had me laughing for ten minutes.

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