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Wednesday, August 24, 2011



A moslem scholar once said, "if God ordered idolatry, then we must do idolatry," or something to that effect.

To most moslem what makes something bad or evil is not the nature of thing, but God's will (ie. His say so).

Moslem doesn't always think so. When moslem interacted and eventually conquered eastern Christian empire they inevitably met with Greek thought. A Hellenize moslem thoughts and scholars were then born. But the strong anti-reason fundamentals of Islam won't have it. Those Hellenize thought and scholars were then subdued. So much that an anti-reason ruler decreed that if a book of a renown Hellenize-moslem scholar (Al-Kindi) was found in a house, 40 surrounding houses will be burn.

IMO, Robert R. Reilly's book, The Closing of the Muslim Mind, is a good book how Islam encounter reason and then beat it to death.


I'm very much afraid I don't quite understand the point of this article, well-written though it may be. The Holy Father has not, it seems to me, refrained from criticizing Mohammedism; he often chides them, if the written record is anything to go by.

But I must as a Catholic point something to you that the entire world (excluding the USA) perfectly understands: the September 2011 tragedy has nothing whatever to do with any comments from the Vatican but everything to do with blowback. It was a result of America's totally unjust, one-sided meddling in the Holy Land and its support for the ethnic cleansing of the historical inhabitants of that land by Eastern European interlopers. That is the reality that the whole world understands, but apparently America does not.

To understand what is going on in the Middle East we Americans had better start to look beyond Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, the mainstream media, AIPAC and your average Bible-thumping protestant.

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