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Monday, June 06, 2011


Charles E Flynn

Dr. Peters is partially-peeved because PBS passed on his proposed pilot for his thirteen-part TV series "Ph.D. / Public Concubine", about the pathetic adventures of those who presume to teach their values to your children, using your money.

Nancy D.

If it is true that politics refers to "the total complex of relations between people living in society", and it is true that it is God and not Caesar who Has created us equal as persons while being complementary as male and female, then any form of politics that denies the inherent ordered nature of Mankind and thus God's intention for Marriage and The Family, would be anti Catholic, to begin with


Excellent article.

Lost on these critics is the irony of their calling for less enforcement of canon law in the wake of problems that arose in part from not enforcing canon law in the first place.



Jesus and God's truth are the same yesterday, today and yes even tomorrow. Hence, we as Catholics in this day and age are called to the fullness of truth that is unwavering and never changes. Marriage is between a man and a woman > to live with your partner outside of marriage is sin > to engage in the marital act of sexual union outside of marriage is called fornication. Anything outside of those laws is called "mortal sin" which means the soul is not in a state of grace.

Ahhh...I hear the echo of the evil one's deceptions whispered to God's people: "You are being intolerant and judgmental. God wants you fulfilled and happy." No thank you Satan! Be thou gone in the name of Jesus!

When every Catholic processes up the aisle to receive the very Body Blood Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ ( Gospel of John Chapter 6 ) and we say "Amen" upon hearing "Body of Christ" we are saying "yes" to ALL the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Any soul who receives Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin will be accountable at some point to Christ Jesus. Obedience and humility are the mark of God's presence in a soul. Truth is truth forever and ever...Amen.

Stephen Sparrow

St Paul wasn't slow off the mark when instructing early Christian communities to eject from their midst those living immoral lives. Good article.

David Wendell

I believe politicians who PUBLICLY vote for "pro-choice" (the result of which more babies are killed) legislation and give public speeches re same should be officially ex-communicated from the church. I believe they have already excommunicated themselves un-officially. And it is a scandal that priests give them holy communion. And bishops who cowardly look the other way. Man, I wish the Holy Father would do something about it.


A sinner (repentant and not a PUBLIC sinner)

Ed Peters

Good comments, folks.

CEF, I'd settle for PBS doing a 13 part series entitled "Gratian: Man of the Millenium", provided I could write it, or could at least have script control.

Charles E Flynn

Dr. Peters,

In an ideal televised world, you will get your wish. Thanks for mentioning Gratian. I will have to investigate why I had not heard of him before reading this Wikipedia entry in response to your posting here:

One of my favorite themes is that each of us lives in a perilously small information bubble, regardless of how intelligent or accomplished we may be. Time is short, and we have a tendency to reject anything that conflicts with our basic premises, most of which are of unknown origin, even to us, and unexamined.

Ed Peters

Sounds good. but there are a couple Gratians out there, and the one want is: not a very good entry, but a start.

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