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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Robert Miller

The anti-logic of the GLBT clowns is Anti-Logos,hence Anti-Christ.

One's first instinct is to not take them seriously. And, indeed, I think many good people don't.

But what good people don't fully savor is the invasive, hovering pestilential air of the last hundred years of wanton killing, raping and seduction of tens of millions of innocents -- the apotheosis and gotterdammerung of the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Enlightenment -- that now is suffocating the West (and the East, for that matter).

The wanton advancement and propaganda in favor of unnatural vice in this culture surely identifies this generation as one gripped in a culture of death that all predecessor generations would have found incomprehensible.

If it doesn't make one sick prima facie, it's almost not worth discussing it.


Morris Albert had it right..."Feelings, nothing more than feelings. Trying to forget my feelings of love."

Today, more and more are trying, working really hard on forgetting their feelings of love - love for the truth, love of each other as made in the image of God and love for God, himself.

Before long we will find these feelings inconvenient as well and get rid of those as well.....

Gregory Williams

Should "complimentarity" be "complementarity"?

Carl E. Olson

It should, indeed. Thanks for the catch!

peter l

One could become paranoid about his or her spelling on this blog lol.Good for you Carl,you took it on the chin :-)

Elise B.

This is not new. Already, in June 2004, Dominique Strauss-Kahn wrote: It is society's distinguishing feature to free itself from the so-called natural law to build itself on men's laws (C’est par ailleurs le propre de la société de s’affranchir de la loi dite naturelle pour se construire dans la loi des hommes.
Elise B.


Re Kahn: in other words, non serviam.

Charles E Flynn

@Elise B.,

I am uncertain whether you know this or not, but one of the standard techniques of prosecutors since the appearance of online forums is to look for self-incriminating remarks posted by the defendant.

Thanks for a most illuminating quotation.

Charlie B

Evidently, J. Bud's new book "What We Can't Not Know" arrived just in time. Of course, it has to be read by such propagandists, which is unlikely. I have a copy. Guess I'd better move it to the top of my stack.

Donna Turner

I live in this heretical, now, State of New York which has chosen to ramrod Gay Marriage through because of the political power of a minority. A delightful young girl told me only a few days ago that the reason Gays should be allowed to wed was because "marriage is about love." The children have been proselytized by the media and they are responding with eyes wide open. I pray for this generation, having seen what post-modernism has already accomplished with mine.

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