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Friday, July 01, 2011



Over at American PApist we read "Andrew Cuomo’s soul is at stake. ..."

Does ANYONE in leadership believe that and have the integrity to say it... Waiting ...

Also, his living with his girlfriend as gov sends the signal to all that sex outside of marriage is OK. And we expectour kids to believe Church teaching instead? When the clerics are pretty much silent? Again, does anyone still think premarital sex is a sin and not just an impropriety? A shame.

Teo Matteo

“the first sign of a dying society is a new edition of the rules”, -Fr. O'Malley

I would have to disagree. The first sign would be that a new edition is not possible because there is no Editor. No Editor, no truth, no rules.

Gabriel Austin

Yet another Jesuit Father making up the rules as he goes along. One wonders what he thinks about God giving us the Commandments.

"What would Jesus do?" is the refrain of those looking for an out. Pity the youngsters misled by this teacher.

Gail F

I like the part where he reminds us that it is also a sin not to do something when you should. I know that as one of the "simple people in the pews" SMART people like this priest are always so concerned about, I am sick of seeing important politicians do one wrong thing after another and never get called on it by a priest or bishop. What am I supposed to conclude -- that "the rules" don't really matter, or that they don't apply to important people? Either way, it's a crock. If you make "pastoral exceptions" for all these rich, important, scandalous people, I don't see why you won't make them for ME. And that is exactly the lesson the majority of people seem to learn.


Ed, I don't know if you have written about the "why" of the episcopal hesitancy. I am not looking to judge character here but I am sincerely interested as to WHY the bishops are reluctant to enforce the law. I really don't get it. Thanks.

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