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Thursday, May 26, 2011


peter l

Far be it for me to criticize sycophants and groupies, fans and stalkers; they are, after all, what keep me going in this glitzy, heady game of blogging and opining. I live for their attention, adoration, fan mail, hate mail, and grammatically-challenged screeds in the combox. As I say so often, "If it weren't for my fans, my humility would not as awesomely modest as it could be and will be." (That's a copyrighted slogan, by the way, so keep your cutting-and-pasting to yourself.)

Carl,you are far too modest lol.How dare you confront the greatest "Writer" of all time.Peoples ego's are at stake lol.Can you not live with the adoration of fans who do not question you.?........You must of rattled someones cage by your thought out and put downs to make them growl lol............Thanks Carl,you made my evening with this post,good job.

Carl E. Olson

LOL. Thanks, Peter.

Charles E Flynn

I do not understand how Ms. Winfrey can have on her Website nutrition advice from Dr. David Katz and "spiritual" advice from Deepak Chopra. The two may as well be from different planets, Dr. Katz having written the textbook used in many medical schools, and Chopra having written a lot of mush. Wait a minute, you can eat mush. That must be the explanation.

Lauri Friesen

Come on, Carl. It's an attempt to explain the complexities of existentialist philosophies and Oprah's cultural "significance" by a SOCIOLOGY professor!

Ed Peters

"...a PhD in sociology from Northwestern University..." So, I guess, when it comes to beating the Big 10 schools, any stick will do, eh Carl?

Seriously, how embarassing for them.


I disagree; I think the ideas were creepier than the men. The ideas have certainly caused much more suffering than the men themselves could.


As a philosophy major, I can interject what an Existentialist is, simply: an existentialist maintains that existence precedes essence. Existence: that a thing is. Essence: What a thing is. So a things essence, or whatness, does not exist outside of its existence (no Platonic forms, for example).

This is a very broad definition, and would then include folks like Saint Thomas Aquinas-- but it does not exclude Satre, Camus, Kierkegaard, Heidegger, or Nietzsche.

And based on this definition, I do not see how Oprah is an existentialist. Brilliant marketer, pop-psychologist, entertainer, yes. Existentialist? No.

Michael W

Russell Kirk, when confronted with the news that the John Birch Society had concluded that Eisenhower was a communist, quipped that "Ike was a golfer, not a communist". Similarly, Oprah is not an existentialist, she's a celebrity.

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