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Monday, May 09, 2011



It is interesting that the big issue is liturgy. There is something very bedrock to the issue which the CCC identifies and perhaps which many of us might not think much about. Clearly, Pope Benedict places very heavy importance on liturgy, and I believe it is his vision for the Church that renewal will come in part because of, or in close concert with liturgical reform (reform of the reform) including not just the language but the practice.

In some measure, the other six on the list, while critical deal breakers in any ecumenical dialogue, all flow from the same source as liturgical breakdown and abuse, and are, if not a result of it, at least a result of the same spiritual condition, and are exacerbated by the public prayer of the Church or of any ecclesial communion.

It says much that it is the issue that produces the most howls of disappointment. Quite significant I think.

Dale Price

As I said to someone else on this topic, the Rev. Holeton's comments are something of a bombshell admission. Namely, if a more accurate translation of the Catholic order of Mass is the problem, then it's the case that there is an unbridgeable chasm between the parties that was briefly, and misleadingly, papered over by a dubious translation.

And I mean, really--an Anglican complaining about unilateralism? That takes some chutzpa.

Binks, WebElf

Mr. David Holeton is actually a defrocked Anglican who left Canada under a cloud for.. erm.. certain sexual abuse problems. [Church's Handling of Abuse Case Praised: Some Trinity College Students Not So Happy ..] He's also been a tiresome liturgical busybody for years, and highly intolerant of any and all Anglican tradition except as it fits his radical worldview. He would be the archetype for the old joke "What the difference between a terrorist and a liturgist? Terrorist may negotiate".

Dr John James

I answered correctly!
Is there a prize?

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