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Thursday, March 31, 2011



Does any of Rice's minions even bother to provide the ACTUAL number of the so called priestly abused?

Does any of Rice's minions even bother to check when it happened?

Does any of Rice's minions even bother to compare the number of abuses amongst, Protestant clerus, muslim imams, prison wardens, school teachers?

Is it simple ignorant or spite that none does?


Anne Rice asks:

"Is there a conflict of interest here on this blog?
Is anyone connected with this blog a friend or associate of notorious convicted sexual abuser, Jesuit Donald McGuire?

If this is the case, perhaps you can explain in detail."

My family and I knew Donald McGuire (I won't call him "Fr. McGuire") for many, many years. He was very close to us. He presided at my wife's and my wedding, as well as my brother's wedding. I participated in many retreats he led, including many in my parents' home, where he was surrounded by children and grandchildren as we all ate dinner together in the evenings.

Through it all, we all thought he was a wise and holy man. He was highly intelligent and had a disarming way about him. We never had a clue what a deviant son of a bitch he was. We never knew that he was probably lusting mightily for another victim among us. Luckily, he never molested any of us or our kids or grandchildren. However, after he was revealed as a molester, I recalled a confession with him when I was a teenager and he rubbed my shoulders as he talked to me. I thought it was odd at the time, but I figured he was trying to be sensitive and compassionate and that's as far as it went. Perhaps I was too old for him.

If I had the chance, I would give McGuire a piece of my mind. I would tell him how disgusted I am with him and how deeply hurt I am that he has caused such pain and anguish, as well as scandal, as a result of his deviance. I would tell him how utterly disappointed I am that he was such a filthy sham. But most of all, I would beg one thing of him: that he genuinely repent and ask for forgiveness from God and his victims. My understanding is that he has refused to do so to this day. And that, too, is a tragedy.

Jesus told us the weeds would grow among the wheat--and McGuire was a one helluva weed. I am thankful he was revealed for what he was. And the Jesuits who covered up his misdeeds should be "weeded out" as well.

But none of this has anything whatsoever to do with the truth of the one, holy Catholic, and apostolic Church. People who persecute the Church because some men have committed evil do exactly what the devil would have them do. Members of the Catholic Church commit sins and do evil things, sometimes really, really evil things. That's no surprise. Those who aren't sick do not need a doctor.

But God gave us the Church as His Mystical Body. No evil by any individual, whether it's a lay person, priest, bishop or pope, changes that fact nor can it change the nature of the Church.

My faith wasn't shattered one bit knowing that McGuire was a fraud and a scumbag. It only confirmed to me that we so need the Grace that flows through the Church. My prayer remains that even a miscreant like McGuire will participate in that Grace by confessing his sins, repenting, and atoning.


Well said, Tom. Well said.


What on earth are christians attacking Anne Rice for?... silly, really - their comments are hysterical... literally.
completely ignoring the questions she brings up about the church and just 'going off' in a nasty tangent - I could be wrong here but it occurs to me that to a neutral observer it would just seems to go towards proving her point.
And that the Ignatius Press would instigate such debate is, well, disappointing.


Sadly Tom, the one, holy Catholic, and apostolic Church can never again be what it once was, or what God wanted (or wants) it to be. It is too late; there is too much carnage. The Church is dying a slow death; it is irreversable. I'm so very sorry about this. To be sure, another Church will one day rise up, and it will be God's Church. The devil is not causing anyone to persecute the Church. The devil himself has killed the Church by inhabiting each and every one of the hundreds upon hundreds of predator priests to use them as instruments of evil. The weak faith of these priests invited the devil in, and now the Church's fate is sealed. The devil has won this round. It is finished.


I Feel very sad right now. The matter at hand, the innocent being abused, and then covered up!! Of course Anne is MAD. I am furious! While I don't think it is right for her to point a finger at ALL Catholics, I do think she has a point that it is your responsibility to make yourself heard in your own organization. To stand up and demand punishment for the crimes commited. (the same way a mother is held accountable for staying silent while knowing her husband is abusing their child) This is what she is saying, and her responses seem to be a bunch (not all but most) of defensive self-righteous hate letters. You do not sound Christian to me, you do not sound good. This is what some of the "minions" have been trying to say, you should not be the spokespersons for your religion.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

No wealth of accurate information can succeed against an obstinate adversary. In the present case we observe that she is so crammend with her own views that there is no room for those of others.

Thanks Carl for exposing the crude reality of an unbalanced criticism by the Media. Fr. Chori Jonathin Seraiah confirms what some already knew: there are greater numbers of sexual abuse cases among protestant and public schools than in our Church but the Media cowardly and cunningly hides it.

I believe Ignatius Insight aids the Church to lay bare the prevailing folly in today's morality: a flagrant indifference to virtue, decency.


I really like how Linn, the purported expert on the Catholic Faith, did not respond to a single point Olson made and simply engaged in a constant stream of invective laced insinuation, all the while ignoring the calumny that Rice herself has been repeatedly engaged in with respect to the Church.

The poor virtue of humility has taken a beating on this post.

One vital factor continues to be overlooked in all of Rice's rants - her major problem with the Church is its doctrine on homosexuality. And yet, she fails to see that it was precisely homosexuality within the ranks of the priesthood that precipitated the vast majority of the abuse. The abuse, in the vast majority of cases, was not pedophilia, but ephebophilia - the desire of adults for adolescents, something frighteningly common in the gay community. Unwittingly, Rice is undermining her own argument through the use of the lazy person's means to attack the Church.

Jeanette Victoria

beng, the link from the themaccabean which put the Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal in context of our culture. Annes response, she didn't trust the source. One can't reason with the clearly irrational. Anne hate the Church with so much venom that she no rational though can even enter into her mind.

These links were also posted to be completely ignored

And as a person who was fondled by an Episcopal priest, who everyone knew had "happy hands" I can tell you people in power will abuse that position and many will be too cowardly to stop it. It is the nature of fallen *humans*.


Tom - Very well said, from the heart, and incredibly compassionate. Thank you. I believe that you need to speak for the Church.


Linn H.


I would add one more small note - some commenters seem to think the Church needs to apologize for the abuse. The Church has, repeatedly. The Pope has, Bishops have, priests, lay people - many, many times. But apology is not the point. The point is to grovel, for the Pope to say "we were so very very wrong, on so many things, and you (secularists) were so very right. We're going to review our doctrine on to be more in line with the current societal circumstances."

My opinion only, but.....they're not looking for an apology, they're looking for surrender.


I don't know how, or what, I just know we need a new Catholic Church. Sinead O'Connor

There are many ecclesial communions who claim to be that very thing, and many who conduct themselves and their governance in exactly the way that she wishes.

This is what always puzzles me. Why do people like Rice and O'Connor waste so much of their time attacking the Church when what they desire is already available?

It is the same question that comes up in respect to women's ordination and all of the other hot-button issues that drive these people. Why not go where there already exists what you are looking for? Why continually attack the Church?

To me, all of this confirms what I have come to understand about the Catholic Church. It is indeed the Church that Jesus founded. If it were not, in the first place it would have faded away into history long ago. And in the second place, those who have left her, whether Protestants, dissenters, apostates or heretics would not feel the need, as an essential component of the their "raison d'etre", to attack, revile and attempt to force their world-view upon her.

The fascinating little secret is that fact that the Catholic Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ is not only more obvious to me because of this, but it is clear that it is also obvious to those who attack her. Otherwise they would walk away and not give her a second thought.


Instead of pontificating the merits of Sinead and Mrs. Rice's essays (thus remaining on the soapbox pulpit and retaining your lofty holier-than-thou position), it might be nice if you turned some of that "catholic compassion" and "forgiveness for all ... oh, except YOU ..." to the point that these two women have been badly hurt by the behavior and actions of the church. The churchs' lack of action to the hideous acts which angered these incredibly intelligent women is the catalyst for their writings. The church needs to take a good, long hard look in the mirror and heal itself. Afterall, it deems itself so important as to appoint itself judge, jury and executioner to anyone who dare speak out against it. The church is a scary entity and abuses its power. Hopefully, it will enevitably have to answer for each and every person hurt by its fear and intimidation.



Rice accuses Catholics of being a criminal organization, while in reality, Rod Ferrell was a "capo" vampire that murdered two human beings. Rumor has it, that the Vampire Clan was heading to New Orleans to meet with Anne Rice!

Using her logic, she is the Pope of Vampires, and must apologize for her underling vampire, Rod Ferrell.


We will take the necessary steps to destroy your God, one scientific fact at a time, and one day I hope religion is so frowned upon that it is finally made illegal.

Thanks for the warning, Science, but we already are of aware of the program underway. We were warned about it 2000 years ago. And we have seen attempts at this project over the centuries, mostly by intolerant haters of freedom, totalitarians, you know. In fact, when the Catholic Church began, it was illegal.

Just curious, would the punishment be Roman style, ie., lions in an arena as sport for the masses, or would it be more Soviet communist style, imprisonment and "re-education" by chemical and torture?

Inquiring minds want to know about this brave new "tolerant" world you have in mind. I'm sure it would be entirely free of all the evils that mankind can produce, including the atheist barbarities we witnessed in the 20th century.

Truth Justice Peace

@Mark M "If ever there was a more misinformed and deluded commentator on a blog I'd be surprised." Maybe you need to educate yourself about the sort of person Rice is. She is nothing but a commercially motivated pornographer -


I hope Anne Rice and others who agree with her have enjoyed their vacations on the moon. They are certainly on a different planet when it comes to awareness of the Church's great efforts to deal with major issues. Perhaps they have not noticed how profoundly Pope Benedict XVI has apologised and despises what has happened to victims of clerical sexual abuse to the point of weeping with them.

Dan Deeny

You write "Why do people like Rice and O'Connor waste so much of their time attacking the Church when what they desire is already available?"
The short answer in Rice's case is that she is a confused American Catholic who needs psychological reassurance. She has suffered no physical hardships but lots of psychological ones. That is in part due to the Catholic Church in our country.
O'Connor is a completely different case. She and the Irish Church have made a jail for her. Ireland suffered under a cruel Calvinist occupation. Rape was an integral part of the occupation policy. As for Calvinist doctrine, you know about TULIP. While opposing the Calvinists, the Catholics became a bit like them. This is a common psychological occurence. Where is the Irish Bernini? Take a look at some of his sculptures. Do you think the Irish, given their sort of Catholicism, could have produced these? Probably not.
O'Connor and Rice are two different cases. It is a big mistake to link them.


Dan, Anne Rice isn't even an American Catholic any longer. She's an apostate. She's expressly renounced the faith. She's expressly stated her wish for the Church to disappear. And now she's descended to attacking even the Blessed Virgin Mary. It's all here:

And elsewhere on those boards. She's all over the place there. She's truly on a crusade to destroy the Catholic Church. She's using every means at her disposal. The Amazon boards, her Facebook page, etc.

Dan Deeny

Thank you for your response. Yes, of course, but she isn't the first and probably won't be the last. Not to worry. (Except of course for Anne Rice herself.) The Catholic Church withstood John Calvin, so let's not worry about Anne Rice.
The important person here is Sinead O'Connor. She is a young woman. That makes her very, very important. And her case is much different than that of Rice. Try to think of ways to bring O'Connor into the Church of Bernini, Mozart, Mother Teresa, etc..

Theresa Etter

Ynona said: "The weak faith of these priests invited the devil in, and now the Church's fate is sealed. The devil has won this round. It is finished."

Sadly, I agree with you Ynona.


Dale Price

She's truly on a crusade to destroy the Catholic Church. She's using every means at her disposal. The Amazon boards, her Facebook page, etc."

If we could survive the likes of Diocletian and the Soviets, I think we'll survive her increasingly scattershot and hyperbolic attacks. She has as much chance of "destroying the Catholic Church" as I do of derailing a locomotive with a bag of marshmallows.

Note how little attention she's getting any more. As she has gotten more extreme, even her fans in the media have started looking away.

Anyway, it's a tragedy. I miss the thoughtful Anne Rice who put together the great essay at the end of the first of her Jesus books. I hope and pray she comes back.

Richard G Evans

I am having my own personal struggles with the Roman side of Christianity, but I find many of these comments utterly unfair and obviously based upon high emotion rather than thoughtful interchange.

What I want is a dose of TRUTH, and I do not care which camp it comes from. Laying aside Sinead's personal life for a moment, something she stated was that we needed a "new Catholic Church" that accepted all people and lifestyles but still maintained the Sacraments and such. By contrast, a group called the "old Catholics" (not under Rome) do precisely that, and I wonder why she thinks we need another one yet besides them? But this is the problem when all authority is rejected-- nothing is satisfactory anymore.

Anne Rice, by contrast, who I understand considers herself quite the Bible scholar, owns something like 100 Bible translations, but her favorite,even still, is the NAB--which, although Catholic, is arguably one of the LEAST strong versions from a scholarly level. She stated she likes it for "clarity." Ironically I know of many, both Catholic and Protestant, who DISLIKE it for that very reason, "lack of clarity." All I can say is go figure. Or don't.

What Carl wrote is fair and clear, whether one agrees on all points or not. No wonder Anne is "upset" by it.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

There is neither merit nor virtue in the attacks we have to endure from the left in their low job of defaming our Church.

Truthfulness, goodness and Christian love irritates secular thinkers to no end; it translates into envy and jealousy. Good faith/deeds irk them and hatred fills their minds.

Stretched mendacity, aiming to shock, reveals despair and conspiratorial accusations even forecasting our demise. How ridiculous they appear. Our mother Church is the biggest religious impact in the history of mankind, incomparable to any other creed. Larger than ever after two millenia she is invincible and eternal.

To the loggerheads that see her thus I say: observe in awe how Catholics in the millions praise and honour the sanctity of one of our own on May 1st 2011.

Veritas odium parit

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