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Monday, February 14, 2011



I am the way, the truth, and the life. Love can never be seperated from truth or life. agape is loves first born.

Dan Deeny

Interesting and a good effort. Love is difficult to describe and explain using words.
You say, for instance, "Human love is, therefore, an imitation, a reflection, of the divine love that created all that is, including each of us." Next time you might want to add "participation in the divine love." This participation is pro-creation.
Sculpture, painting, music, architecture, etc. can sometimes explain love better than words. See, for instance, Bernini's statue of St. Teresa in Ecstasy, the Pieta, or Domenico Ghirlandaio's extraordinary painting The Visitation.


I am in a dialogue with an atheist and the most common arguments they use is "there is no scientific evidence for God therefore God doesn't exist".

I respond that there is no scientific evidence for Love, therefore Love doesn't exist.

The best they can do is provide a scientific test that measures a change in hormones/chemicals in the brain and say that is love - but the tests are measuring what can be described as a "feeling" at best.

Feelings come and feelings go, but True Love is eternal.

Dan Deeny

But there is scientific evidence! Why does their car start in the morning? And if it doesn't, there is a reason. And why do the laws of geometry always work? If life were chaotic and disorderly, they would work sometimes but not others.

Dan Deeny

Sorry about the spelling mistake on your name.


Responding in gratitude to the sun, the fallow earth, the dewy meadow, the complexity of DNA is either sentimental neo-paganism or points to man’s natural knowledge that Someone must be responsible for those lovely—and love-revealing—realities.

Neo-paganism is very bleak indeed, much like architecture from the sixties. At least original paganism in most of its forms gave personalities to these forces and created a storyline for each. If nothing else it was more colorful.

My nephew's son was recently diagnosed with a mild form of autism in the range of what they call ASD. In trying to understand this, they pointed out to me that the person (child) with this problem has difficulty seeing another person other than just another part of their surroundings. In other words, it takes a particular effort for them to recognize them as "other" of the same kind as "self." The tendency is to see them as just objects.

It caused me to reflect that this is at the core of human love, the recognition of the "other" and our common humanity, the personhood of the other. How much evil in the world has been perpetrated through an unwillingness to recognize the humanity of another, or of an entire ethnicity or race of humanity? (This is what abortion and the holocaust have in common.)

So then to speak of God as anything other than person is to put him beneath us, and the eastern religious concept of being absorbed into God likewise contradicts the basis of love, because personhood requires individuation.

If we meditate a little on our understanding of creation, the real mystery is not the cosmos. It is not the earth and the water and the living creatures and the plants, nor all of the wonderful things we discover around us. The real mystery is the mystery of the creation of persons, of individuation, of identity separate from God. God created "others" in his own image. Perhaps that is the meaning of that expression "in his own image." The fact of being an "other" in the presence of the creator.

This is the foundation of love, in my opinion and it is why God is the originator of love and why we can say God is love. This is why sin and hate can only ever be a denial of truth, a twisting of love, because "self" ultimately for us has no meaning without the "other," and God is the original creator of the "other."

Gregory Williams

LJ, thanks for the thoughts. Might I also humbly add that love requires more than one person. Hence God being Love comes from God being Trinity. I propose (possibly to be corrected by those who know better than me) that could not be love if God were not Trinitarian.

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