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Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Praise God. And may he richly bless you and all your family, now larger by one.



Michael Barber

Praise God! Congratulations!

Teo Matteo

my thoughts and prayers go out to your family. My wife and I went thru that twice but it was worth it...


Congratulations! What's your little boys name?

Dan Deeny

Wonderful! Now, let us know, briefly, why it took so long (Did the biological parents oppose adoption, etc.?) and what has happened to the biological parents. Thanks.

Paul H


Gregory Williams



Congratulations! Praise the Lord! And what is chrismation?


Congrats Carl!!!!

Sandra Miesel

Wonderful news! Blessings on you and your now enlarged family.

Carl E. Olson

Thank you, everyone, for the congratulations. His name is Dominic (we originally had another saint's name, but he simply looks like a Dominic!).

Wonderful! Now, let us know, briefly, why it took so long (Did the biological parents oppose adoption, etc.?) and what has happened to the biological parents.

After our 2008 situation, we weren't going to involve ourselves in an unstable or contentious adoption situation (which, frankly, limited our options). Long story made short, we were told about Dominic by one of his birth relatives who was, for various reasons, unable to adopt him. Dominic (who was born in AZ) had been handed over to the state of AZ by his birth mother, who no longer wished to raise him (he was fed but otherwise mostly ignored during the first year or so of his life); shortly thereafter, she was tried and convicted of certain crimes and is now serving a lengthy jail sentence. The state of AZ first sought out family members who might be able to raise him, but none of them wanted to or were capable of doing so. The state then tried to find out who the birth father was, but to no avail.

The delay was mostly due to the complexities of interstate adoption, made complex because every state has different guidelines, criteria, paperwork, and legalities for adoption. The state of Oregon needed Form A and Paperwork B and so forth. And while the state of AZ seemed to have its act together, the state of Oregon was not nearly as efficient; in fact, it often seemed that no one really knew who was going what, who was supposed to do what, etc. (And don't even get me started on the foster family classes we had to attend, which overtly promoted, excused, and defended immoral behavior.)

The fact is, this adoption was something of a miracle, for it isn't altogether common for a child who is in one state's system to be placed in a family without any biological connection in another state. I credit God's providence and the fact that the AZ system seems to be far more practical and efficient than the systems in other states.



Did something happen? Huh? What the heck? Wow. Congratulations!

Christopher Lake

Congratulations, Carl and family!

Ed Peters

Congrats, guys.

Dan Deeny

Thank you. Great work!
Actually, you might think about an article on how "the foster family classes ... overtly promoted, excused, and defended immoral behavior."
When I was a teacher I used two movies about bringing people in out of the cold. One was "A Walk to Remember," a chaste and decent evangelical Protestant movie; the other was "Crazy, Beautiful" (Amazingly, PG-13), a much messier and full-of-sin Catholic movie.


Carl, how wonderful!

Steve Cianca

La vita e' bella! Congratulations.

Carl E. Olson

And what is chrismation?

Hi, Laura: Chrismation is the Eastern term for confirmation. In the Eastern Churches (both Catholic and Orthodox), baptism, chrismation/confirmation, and first Communion are given in succession in the same Liturgy, regardless of age.

Mrs O

How wonderful!

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