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Saturday, January 01, 2011



I commend Fr. Manfred Hauke for his fortitude in wading through the depths of feminist theology.

After reading the entire article, and frankly most of the way through it, one thought kept coming to mind.


Perhaps I am naive here, but would it not be much simpler for the likes of Mary Daly to stand back and look at the Catholic Church in all of its grandeur, tradition and dogma, and pronounce three simple words; I don't believe.

Such extravagance, such torturous logic, such intricate effort to create a comprehensive feminist interpretation of what is so uniquely Catholic, and so definitively dogmatized over the centuries.

Is it merely the fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary is such an enduring symbol that there is a compulsion to tear that symbol down, or at least twist it and deform it?

Is it the feminist compulsion to own all women that drives such as Mary Daly to attempt to own the Mother of God?

Fr. Manfred Hauke valiantly makes the attempt to salvage some good from this feminist twist of reality, but in the feminist theological contortion all I can see is an inky cloud, like the defense of a squid.

I cannot help but think that for each and every feminist of the Mary Daly school, there is something real that underlies it, that motivates it, probably something personal in each case, which, if resolved in and of itself, would spare them the trouble of erecting this monument of drivel which passes for theology.

Likely if they called themselves anything but Catholic we probably wouldn't even notice them, and perhaps, trite and self-serving as it is, that is the only motivation.

I cannot help but think of the saying that the one most obsessed with God and his Church is Satan himself. Is that harsh? I certainly also admire Fr. Hauke for his charity, but just occasionally I think that we must confront those who wish to tear down the Church from within, and call their antics and heretical ideologies for what they are. I think we are running out of time to debate them. That luxury is past, in my opinion.

Steve Cianca


I couldn't agree with you more. Well said.

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