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Saturday, October 30, 2010



The Christian always supports the state, in this sense: he does the positive, the good things that hold states together. He has no fear that he will thereby favor the power of the wicked, but he is convinced that evil can be dismantled and the power of evil and of evil men can be diminished only by strengthening what is good. Anyone who accepts the killing of the innocent and the destruction of other people's property as part of the bargain cannot appeal to the faith.

Is there a political party that advocates such things as killing of the innocent and the destruction of other people's property in it's party platform, indeed, as a part of the bargain in the stated goal of helping the poor, the minority and the oppressed?

It seems clear that Benedict is saying here that were someone who calls themselves Catholic to support such a political party or ideology they must not try to use the faith as their justification. Such a person has already placed ideology above the faith.

Stephanie Mann

Am I necessarily supporting a certain political party when I choose to register in that party, so that I'm able to vote in primaries in my state and influence who in at least that party is running for office? I do not support the party at all; no time, no talent, no treasure. I might support a candidate, with time, talent or treasure, but not the party. Is this a way to avoid the dilemma LJ proposes?

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