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Saturday, September 04, 2010



Should that be "heal" or am I missing something? Interestingly enough I came across the same error in Jennifer Roback Morse's "Smart Sex". lol

Carl E. Olson

The command to "heel" is used to direct an animal (usually a dog) to "walk right beside until I tell you otherwise". The basic intent is control and obedience. My punning point was that physicists such as Hawking who try to make physics prove too much or go beyond its means, should control themselves and pay proper respect to metaphysics.

Vincent Toups

Just because physicists (or just this one physicist) abdicate responsibility for the analysis of metaphysical claims does not mean that metaphysicists can just make up whatever metaphysics they wish. To a certain extant, any statement about measurable reality is subservient to physics. I'd assert that the space of meaningful statements which do not impinge upon measurable reality is extremely tiny.


Thanks for the clarification Carl.


I'd assert that the space of meaningful statements which do not impinge upon measurable reality is extremely tiny.

That very smallness includes your own statement unless you can explain how one might measure its content!


Vincent, you are just stating the assumption of materialists, which frames the question in such a way as to determine the result, a la Wittgenstein's net. And I would submit that the resurrection of Christ was empirically verified by many, and all attempts I've seen to explain it away amount to "making up whatever [excuses] they wish." And I would add that the resurrected Christ was more accessible and verifiable to those witnesses than Hawking's equations are to most people. At that point science is not something that one can verify for themself but a series of pronouncements from experts that one must accept on faith. Rather like metaphysics. At least Catholicism presents a conherent world view that does not require blind faith or gratuitous assumptions.

Ed Peters

I'm still guffawing over Hawkings's claim that gravity itself can call things into existence. Gravity is a consequence, not a cause. I mean, does PI make circles exist? Or does the Golden Ratio demand that rectangles be?


I liked the pun Carl.

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