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Friday, June 11, 2010


Rick Gibson

Thank you. That was all very well said. We need to never apologize for our celibate priests and nuns. Yes, the Church is deeply out of step with the culture on sexual issues, but it is the culture which has lost its mind.


Between the two quotes that start Fr. Schall's article and then this story here, can I just say I cannot help but love Pope Benedict XVI?! God bless him.


This sentence also degrades married life. Men should be choosing marriage or the priesthood for love (hello? Even a secular person should get that - especially a feminist), not merely for "sex." Can you imagine *any* couple saying, "Well, John wants to be a priest but he has a normal sex drive, so that's why we're getting married." Huh???

Of course many now forget that celibacy is not just a priest "thing" - as you pointed out, singles embrace that life too (and not all "choose" it... some singles long for marriage but must wait years for a spouse!).


I agree with Carl's post but the article on the whole was, for the LA Times, remarkably fair and positive. I was please to see, for example, Pope Benedict quoted concerning the "scandal" that celibacy is to a world that lives without God. The article also quoted favorable comments about Pope Benedict's remarks -- something I'm not used to seeing in the LA Times.


This argument, that celibacy (which is very much biblical) leads to sexual predation, is painfully ridiculous. It's like saying that having the discipline to avoid fast food will lead to blowing up a McDonalds, or suppressing the desire to watch "normal" television will lead to pornography.

Why people listen to and then regurgitate these anti-Catholic mantras is beyond me.

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