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Sunday, November 29, 2009



I suppose we can be thankful for small mercies;

The reporter called Abbott a "staunch Catholic" as opposed to a "devout Catholic."

I think you can blame it on JFK. The dynamic of the country was different, but he set the precedent for the obligation that some Catholics subscribe to in politics; that need leave their faith behind when they get on the plane to Washington.

But as you suggest, how could it be a genuine faith to begin with, if it is that easily shunted aside?


Abbott is conservative in politics (the Liberal Party in Australia is centre-right) and conservative in religion (he is a Catholic, nicknamed 'Mad Monk' by the anti-Catholic media types of which there are many in Australia).

Since that article was written, Abbott replaced the Opposition leader who was a cafeteria Catholic at best, standing against another cafeteria Catholic challenger. Fun times.


Dear Carl: Nony's description of Mr Abbott is entirely accurate. Mr Abbott is a Rhodes Scholar however, as is evident from his remarks above, one is inclined to think that, occasionally, his comments, which are inevitably reported in the media, could have been the subject of a bit more thought prior to making them.

Occasionally, I find myself wincing when he comments on the relationship between faith and reason.

I was certainly wincing after these comments.

God bless Tom

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