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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


David Charkowsky

The questions sound like an exercise in "Lectio Secularis"? (I'm totally guessing at the Latin, as if you couldn't tell!)


I'm glad I homeschool. I'll leave it at that.


What is Obama inspiring them to do???? Are we able to do what Obama is asking of us?????

I don't think it's possible to over-react to megalomania like this. The federal government was never supposed to have any role in education and now the current occupant of the executive branch is using its access to propagandize children.



Further evidence that these are properly called State schools, not public schools.


If my memory is correct, JFK aimed his campaign for improving the country's overall physical fitness at schoolchildren. Were the televised media was as advanced then as now, I'm sure he'd have done the same thing as Obama. With so many folks suspicous of his intent looking on, I'll bet the message B.O. delivers will be completely innocuous.

Having said all that, I think any parent who DOESN'T check on what the President says and how it's emphasized by the education establishment is an idiot!

Shaun G

I guess, then, you won't be too happy about this:,2933,545340,00.html


I'm sorry but it's really creepy. We don't have a king in the United States, we don't look to the president for guidance in our lives. 2012 cannot come fast enough.

Carl E. Olson

Thanks, Shaun, for the link. One question that came to mind as I read the piece was this: "What if the girl was in a public school and her father desired her to be home schooled?" In that case, would the court be so willing to intervene? There's no doubt that situations such as this, which involve a divorce and a split family, are complicated. And I certainly believe that father's should have a say in their children's education and such (barring situations where the father is obviously not acting in the child's best interest). All that aside, the question is still, I think, a legitimate and troubling one.

This statement by the father's attorney was rather interesting:

But Kurowski's attorney, Elizabeth Donovan, said the ruling was based on the girl's isolated learning environment, and not on her mother's religion. She said the girl's home-schooling consists of "sitting in the corner of her mother's bedroom," where she receives her lessons on a computer screen.

"My client is concerned because of the isolation that is borne of that and the lack of exposure to the broader culture at large," Donovan said. "People of different heritage, people of different culture, tolerance, group problem-solving, making friends, losing friends — all of the things that come with a public school education."

Revealing, isn't it, that A Big Selling Point for public/state education is that is properly socializes children, exposes them to "the broader culture", and teaches them "tolerance"? And how well has that worked out over the past, say, thirty or forty years? Hmmmmm.

Magister Christianus

This is why Anthony Esolen's post is so timely. Christian parents have a responsiblity to see to it that their children are educated in all areas...math, science, languages, etc., and through and Christian worldview. It simply does not make sense to study that which was made by and for Christ while ignoring or pretending does not exist the One by and for whom all things were made.

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