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Thursday, June 04, 2009


Cathy Wilson

Obama, if not a genius, he is at least extremely wiley and has insured himself the "Catholic" vote in the election of 2012. What a sad, sad state of affairs.


I agree. To keep the Catholics divided is an imperative strategy to forward the immoral and corrupt agenda. Should they ever unite and all live like Catholics, following the Holy Father and the magistrium, they would change the world.


Moldable reality indeed.

Fr Schall comes off as petulant and immature by repeating the "most anti-life ... ever" schtick. Conservatives have become prey to the very thing they complain we have embraced: faith unhinged from reason.

Donald R. McClarey

""most anti-life ... ever" schtick."

It isn't schtick Todd, it's truth, although I can certainly understand how Catholics who voted for the most pro-abortion president in our nation's history find it almost impossible to acknowledge this very inconventient truth.


Most anti-life, most pro-abortion? Sorry: I don't see it. Maybe number 3 after Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon (who contributed the most in terms of nominees).

Nothing President Obama has done has surprised me. Nor, probably most of the Catholics who voted for him. The thing is, we have a president for the next 3.6 to 7.6 years. What are conservatives going to do all that time? Pout?


Clinton embraced abortion, but didn't run on it. He didn't promise to sweep away all restrictions to abortion. Sure he nominated anti-life judges. Obama is doing more than that, and did more than that as Illinois Senator.

Republicans will pout, conservatives will fight to spread the truth about just how bad this man is for our country and our people

Donald R. McClarey

"Maybe number 3 after Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon"

When Nixon was President he made all of his Supreme Court appointments prior to Roe and before abortion became a consideration in judicial selections. Even so, one of his four appointees, Rehnquist, dissented in Roe, and Chief Justice Burger, who voted with the majority in Roe, later voted on the Court to overturn Roe.

Clinton never endorsed anything as radical as the Freedom of Choice Act. Obama stated before Planned Parenthood that the first thing he would do as President was to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Mercifully, since Congress has not passed it, this is one campaign pledge that Obama has not yet been able to keep. Obama has raised campaign funds touting his opposition to the barely disguised infanticide known as partial birth abortion. It would be hard to have a President more pro-abortion than Obama, unless an abortionist were elected.

"What are conservatives going to do all that time?"

We are doing it now Todd. Getting ready for the inevitable crash from Obama's policies, and the political reaction which will sweep from power politicians of your political persuasion for the next generation.

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