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Tuesday, February 03, 2009



This is very tragic and for the all the members of LC/RC, this will be a true Cross. My humble prayers and sacrifices go out to all of those who this deeply affects, including myself. At the same time, THANK YOU Jesus for all of the MANY, MANY, MANY faithful, holy, dedicated, courageous and self-sacrificing members of the Legionaries of Christ and the Regnum Christi. Our mission, blessed and approved by the Church...does not change. We will continue to strive for charity and defend and love the Church and the Holy Father at all costs. We will persevere to... Love Christ. Serve People. Build the Church.

NW Clerk

Sad, sad news, especially for those good Legionary priests whom many of us know....And sad indeed is the "hay" the MSM are making of this. The New York Times delights in this fall, yet never mentions that a liberal favorite (one of mine too, I confess), Thomas Merton, not only fathered a child, abandoned it, and kept it secret, but had an affair (with a woman) in the 50s that in all charity can only be described as "tawdry." And that great womanizer Martin Luther King gets a national holiday. None of this BEGINS to excuse, God forbid, Maciel, but it just shows the double standard.....

Martin Mazloom

MLK a womanizer? Yes, he had an affair. But he was not a Catholic priest who took a vow of celibacy like Fr. Maciel and molested young men. MLK betrayed his wife and, by extension, his children; but Fr. Maciel betrayed hundreds of thousands, if not millions. You can't compare the two. MLK was a great man. I can't say the same about Fr. Maciel.

I'm a Catholic loyal to the Pope, but we have to call a spade a spade. And I think Tom Hoopes of the Natl. Catholic Register said it best. He did what a real man does: he apologized for going to bat for Fr. Maciel and he expressed his grief for all those Fr. Maciel victimized.

I pray that God have mercy on Fr. Maciel's soul and take him to heaven, but we have a right to be angry and sad. And blaming the MSM or the "liberals" is just a cop-out. Fr. Maciel screwed up big-time. And it appears that, inadvetently I believe/I hope, so did the Vatican and JP2.

-Martin Mazloom

Thomas Michael Barnes

I just don't get this. The guy was obviously a sociopath from a very young age. A blind man could see that. Okay, so we found out that he was a child molester, raped seminarians, led a double life, was a drug addict and had a child when he claimed to be celibate. He was a bad man. He was a liar. He was less than we hoped. So am I. Where is the news here?

Only a goof would have thrown their entire trust and life behind someone as cultic and nuts as this super right wing "Catholic". Let me explain something to you people. A "Catholic" is in how you behave, NOT in what you say you believe. People can believe anything. We found that out in the Inquisition. What do I have to do to drag all the Legionnairies of Christ kicking and screaming into the 19th Century? The Legions' vision of Catholicism is four hundred years old. I would settle for the Legion accomodating itself to Vatican I. Vatican II can wait till next century.

NO ONE reading this would want me as a fellow parishioner. I am a sinner, a liar, a cheat and a no good bum. No one realizes that better than me. But I have a hope that there is the One God and that he is merciful. NO ONE can earn heaven. It is not possible. Not even a member of the Legion of Christ. They are nutjobs that think that they are living a Catholic life. They are not, a Catholic is involved in the dirt and grime and struggles of the world. A Catholic gets his psyche dirty trying to witness to Christ. You cannot witness to Christ from an ideological platform that is about as real as the Easter Bunny. If your hands are not dirty and your brow is not sweaty trying to witness in some way genuine to yourself, you are a phony at worst and a moron at best.

Stop with all the whining about how bad a man Maciel was. It is not important. HE was not that important. That is my entire point. Let the man rest in peace. He was no worse than I am but he raised a hell of a lot more money for the church than I ever did. That has to count for something.

Full Disclosure: I am a victim of childhood sexual and physical abuse at the hands of nuns and an attempted and flubbed rape by a priest when I was in college. I was drunk...but I was not THAT drunk! Nothing happened. Lucky for him. I am a grandfather, a former seminarian for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and a non practicing anything.

Ruben Pradier

Make me feel so sad to hear about Fr.Marcial Maciel ,if it is troth ,I just hear good things of the Legionairs of Christ .They have to keep going after all they don't serve a founder but the Christ .It is a cross that they will have to carry allowys .Like S.Paul's thorn ,perhaps is a blessing to keep them hamle(humildes) .We have the saying "Dios escribe derecho en lineas torcidas "God writes wrigt on twisted lines. Lord forgive that man his sins and give him the etarnal rest and to the Leginaris the courage and force ,guidance ,and go on for Christ !.Ruben Pradier Marantaha"

Luke M

(response to jc "Thomas Merton, not only fathered a child, abandoned it, and kept it secret").
True he had an illegitimate child but that was before his conversion. He mentioned it when he applied to become a Franciscan (and was not accepted because of this).


Sadly we, the Roman Catholic Church, have reached an all time low with Maciel. I call on the legion to recognize all his victims personally, enough with the general apologies, ask those hurt by Maciel for forgiveness personally. Help them heal, because in doing so you will start to heal.

I also call upon the legion to reform, you need to totally reform and re-found without any vestige of this monsterous priest who sullies the good name of all good Christians. Abandon your obsession and cult of the personality of Maciel!

Ana Moreira

Divide and conquer.

As members of One Church, the Church founded by Christ himself, we are called to be humble, forgiving, hard working, rightful and ---praying hearts right now.

Father Maciel fell to temptation -we think we know all those he fell to.

How many of us are falling to temptation right now? Which ones?

Who dares to build the Church? Who dares to be another Christ as we are called to be -right now and every moment? It's too hard? Are we trying?

Whatever we think, say or do... let's do it for the better good... not just for the sake of "letting out steam". Let's dare to do our share of good.

Serve the Church. Build the Church.

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