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Saturday, January 24, 2009



Forget the threats of a so-called "theocracy"...what we have now is a Molochracy.


Surprise, surprise. On all counts.


Soooo... I just got back from a pro-life rally in Cheyenne, and the president of Wyoming Right to Life had some good points to make:

(1) Roe v. Wade is not law. This is why FOCA is being pushed, because pro-deathers know that eventually this court decision is going to fall and become removed as a legitimate precedent. I never thought of that before, so this was eye-opening.

(2) The Magnificent O is planning on "letting Congress decide the issue" of public funding of embryonic stem-cell research. The president of WRL made the point that B.O. desires to take a little of the public heat off of himself, but MORE insidiously if a law is passed by a friendly Congress, it will be even harder to remove public funding from this crime. Thus, Obie's plans are two-fold.

I'm seriously wondering how the Obamination sleeps at night. Like the tunnel-visioned abortion-robot he obviously is, I'm sure.

Mary Ellen

Kmiec -- he's still pretending to be a Catholic? He does not think the Vatican will see through his act? Boy, did he ever drink the kool-aid!


The president who says he's for all people, including those who didn't vote for him, did not even acknowledge the Pro-Life March in Washington, D.C. on January 22. Methinks the emperor is flaunting his new clothes. Shame on those Catholics who valued appearances over truth and voted for him.

Sandra Miesel

Does anyone think that Obama's reaction would have been any different had there been 3 million marchers out there? Does anyone think the MSM would have given fair coverage in that situation? Anti-life forces are in the saddle and mean to trample us down.


Is Doug Kmiec ever going to be ticked off when Obama passes him over for a Supreme Court slot. That's the real reason he turned on the Republicans. Bush had passed him over.

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