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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Jeff Miller

Technically that is not a podcast. A podcast is where audio or video files are listed in a xml file used for RSS that can be read by podcatchers such as iTunes. What you have here is just an audio file.

Though I have downloaded it and look forward to hearing if.

Now I would love if there was a weekly Ignatius Insight podcast. The format could be a discussion of books available along with interviews of authors. And of course responses like a critique of the Templars. This would be a great way to advertise Ignatius Press via iTunes and to reach a wider audience. I listen to a lot of Catholic podcast, but would certainly make room for one form Ignatius Press.

Gail F

Another production called "The Last Templar" is available on DVD from, I think, a German television miniseries. I don't know if the two are related. It is quite funny, although it makes very little sense. The best part is the end, where the heir of the Templars (yes, they have an heir though they are supposed to be celibate knights) sees his mother killed in what, if I remember correctly, is an attempt to become immortal in the Holy Grail. Sort of a low-rent "She" without the fun stuff -- by that time it made so little sense that it was hard to keep track of the plot. Anyway, after witnessing all this religious or at least supernatural stuff, the hero just chucks the whole thing and goes off to be a regular guy. It is profoundly anti-religious in a weird way: "Yeah, all that stuff is true! But who cares?"

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