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Wednesday, January 21, 2009



"Pragmatism," one of the most deceptive ideas in existence today:


The claim of "pragmatism" essentially allows a person to mask his ideology from not only the outside world but from HIMSELF. Therein lies the danger: a pragmatist who strongly believes in a particular world-view thinks that he is acting PURELY OUT OF NECESSITY, which inoculates him from all criticism. Pragmatism is an accessory to ideology, not an ideology.

Now, these are the marks of the pragmatist that I have been able to establish:
(1) Constant referral to "studies," various statistics and factoids.

(2) In combination with (1), the use of psycho-babble to deconstruct all human relationships, convinced that he understands them as an engineer understands a coffee machine. It follows that if only a few "knobs could be tweaked," everything would be just dandy.

(3) Following from (2), a desire for "solutions" to human problems that "just work." A person need only ask the pragmatist "How are you evaluating whether something related to the human condition 'works' or not? Is that not a value opinion which requires an underlying world-view?" The pragmatist will go into a tail-spin of frustration, simply unable to comprehend how his interlocutor could not be understanding what they are trying to say. "You're just uninformed."

(4) Claimed "neutrality," believing his opinions to be scientifically justified and therefore no more charged with ideology than a rock.

(5) Finally, a pathological compulsion to "do something about something." The pragmatist cannot keep his nose out of or his hands off of anything having to do with society. Thus, there is a great overlap between pragmatist and social-engineer.


The pragmatist is dangerous, a wolf in sheep's clothing: he believes that he doesn't believe in anything, and avoids (or simply doesn't have) the reflective thought necessary to realize the unreality of such. The pragmatist KNOWS that something MUST be done about something, and if he can't get his way through persuasion, he will effect it through coercion.

In short, the pragmatist is a zombie-ideologue, someone to be feared far more than he that knows himself to be an ideologue. Hillare Belloc referred to this person as the "Practical Man" in The Servile State, and what he had to say rings true to this very day.

The above comments in form of a 10-second play:
"Yes, I know, but how do you propose to get these brains?"
"Just need brains..."
"Augh, get away from me!"

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