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Monday, January 26, 2009


Mary Ellen

I saw this video clip earlier today on another blog. It is beyond unbelievable! Thesis of to save the economy of the country by literally reducing headcount, wow, and she didn't bat a so-called "Catholic" eye! This is just chilling. Pelosi's "family planning" earmark in the "stimulus" package surely also includes abortion. There is so much wrong with this that there is not enough language to describe it! I would really root for Catholic Bishops to come up with a plan to confront these rogue Catholics in high office on their addiction to killing. They are perpetuating a major criminal act, and, in addition, mirroring it as just cause to a vulnerable public.

Dan Deeny

Let us pray for Rep. Pelosi. And let us pray for the Catholic hierarchy


Holy Scripture gives some simple advice to counter Pelosi's prattle:

"What is heavier than lead? And what is its name except 'Fool'? Sand, salt and a piece of iron are easier to bear than a stupid (wo)man. Avoid (her) and you will find rest, and you will never be wearied by (her) madness." Sirach 22:13-15

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