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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Mark Brumley

Gerald o'Collins is no fundamentalist. That he says what he says of Haight's Christology speaks volumes.

Dr John James

Is that the 'Commonweal' from within which Professor Kmiec launched his recent diatribe?
Though I live in Australia, I'm already getting a very good understanding of Professor Kmiec. I saw his recent public denunciation of Cardinal Stafford.
"By their fruits..."

President Serene Jones

Date: January 21, 2009

To: The Union Theological Seminary Community

From: President Serene Jones

Subject: Professor Roger Haight to Become Scholar in Residence at Union

I write to inform you that beginning June 1st of 2009, Professor Roger Haight will conclude his formal teaching responsibilities and take up the position of scholar in residence at Union Theological Seminary, a move that will include a cessation of his traditional teaching responsibilities but will continue his important presence at Union as a theological mentor and scholar. As has long been the case, Union continues to appreciate the academic and community building gifts that Fr. Haight brings to Union, to theological education, and the church at work in the world today.

Serene Jones, President
Union Theological Seminary

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