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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ed Peters

I like, every once in a while, to debate something that means nothing. Like college football. It's a complete blast. Go Mizzou.

A Mauldin

I've had both platforms; I like my Mac best. Great support, too, in Apple stores and with Apple care.


Apple was the first to use icons, so perhaps Apple is actually Byzantine Catholic.

Michael Tinkler

All Mac all the time. I'm a convert to Roman Catholicism, but I've never owned a PC!


Personally I like the computers on Star Trek. Rarely is the data corrupted; programs rarely have viruses, don't have to type in commands but give them verbally, I can yell at it & the computer won't get stressed out!

Karen Hall

Devoted Mac fanatic since 1982.

Stephen J. Fuhry

Absolutely Linux is the Catholic operating system, hands down.

Free Software's surprising sympathy with Catholic doctrine:

Christian endorsement of Free Software increases:

Deacon Harold

MAC all the way!!! PC's are for atheists. ;-)

Francis Beckwith

I'm a mac person, and I designed both my websites with mac software:

Nick Milne

Speaking as the most prominent Catholic on the web, I can say with absolute certainty that I use a five-year-old Toshiba laptop. There's simply no room for debate about it: that's what I use.

This post was unnecessary, Carl. Alas.

Carl E. Olson

This post was unnecessary, Carl. Alas.

Clearly the product of yet another one of those viruses that afflict so many PCs. Thank goodness I use a Mac and don't have to worry about it... ;-)

Susan  Elizabeth

What fun! I am a 15 -years ago convert to Roman Catholicism but never changed my computer, which has been all Mac all the time since they first started making them. And, Michael Tinker -Star Trek computers have nothing on Macs - no viruses (to speak of), very rarely corrupted data...although it is true that Macs have not been known to leave the materialized state nor be transported via atoms....

Christine the Soccer Mom

I used PC's for decades before switching. Now I won't go back. I'm salivating at the new iLife '09, too. My husband says I didn't just drink the Kool Aid, I took a bath in it.

BTW, we can't forget that the Holy Father also has an iPod. Though I'm sure someone upgraded his since that first 1 GB Nano, which I still carry. LOL! I remember when I ordered it, I ordered white b/c of the Holy Father's.

Mark Brumley

PC. Sorry.


I'm a catholic mac blogger. Macs just suck less than everything else. (They have their bad days too. But I use Windows at work, and I enjoy being completely Windows-free at home.)


Ed Peters

Brumley is so PC these days.

Quick question: what's a Mac?


Kinda silly, but I typically build my own desktop (PC, can't do it with MAC). Own an HP laptop also. Just looking at company political contributions Apple predominantly supports pro-abortion candidates. HP more Republicans so hopefully Pro-life.

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