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Thursday, November 06, 2008



Hey, don't anybody mention that those wonderful, family-values, uber-Catholic Hispanics voted overwhelmingly for the pro-infanticide candidate.

That would be racist.

And if you don't support amnesty and open borders, you're a racist too.

No go back to mass this Sunday and pay up, cause the USCCB needs that money to give to ACORN, and to come with documents like Faithful Citizenship.

Carl Olson

Actually, Lawler did note that Hispanic Catholic "who are touted as the future of the church in the United States, voted overwhelmingly for Obama and white Catholics split their vote between the two candidates."


Father Hardon was a real treasure; a good and holy priest who I think clearly saw this day coming.

It might be fitting to mention here the Marian Catechist Apostolate, who Father Hardon helped found, and I believe of whom Archbishop Burke is the Episcopal Moderator and International Director. Their mission is quite pertinent.


"Minorities" are the only ones that are allowed to be racist... and so be it. I like being a non-racist white person. Makes me feel good. :-D

"... we have a generation of churchgoing Catholics... who are clueless about their faith and who have little judgment about how to apply it to the world around them... These are people who have not been catachesized so they are spiritual babies having to confront issues that require a mature faith."

QFE. The "spiritual babies" is dead-on. When I fell away from the Faith six years ago, I was such. If the members of our Church are not educated and affirmed in their Faith, they will fall away or continue in ignorance. We cannot have either.

Ed Peters

As a friend of mine observes with some regularity, most laity are just baptized pagans, and most priests are just ordained laymen. :)


This falling away from the Faith began with the watered-down catechetical programs promoted by the Religious to ensure that the end result would not be holy, informed Catholics. Why? Mainly, because Catholic Religious became secularists and the blind began to lead the blind. Change our seminaries and training of our Catholic Religious to reflect obedience (bad word) to the Magisterium and then you will see a true renewal of the faithful.

Dan Deeny

Phil Lawler's last paragraph is pretty tough. Maybe he's right; I tend to think so, but I don't know of any hard evidence. George Weigel needs to write another book, perhaps revising his other books.


Y'all do realize how totally nutty (and insulting) the above comments sound to all us "inactive" Catholics. Reminds me yet again WHY I'm inactive... not because I'm ignorant, but because people like the above disgust me.

The Church can declare its authority at high volume, but people can still leave the Church--vote with their feet. The number of lapsed Catholics is not a measure of the Church not being authoritarian enough, it's a measure of people's ability to walk when they can do nothing else and they have no voice.

I'll be praying for the Church's conversion too... but I don't expect it in my lifetime. After all, it only took the Church 400 years to exonerate Galileo. So in the meantime, you'll see me on Christmas and Easter (maybe) and my money will go to the Girl Scouts.

Carl Olson

Thanks, Dejah, for nicely proving my point, especially this one: "There are plenty of such Catholics who will use any number of excuses for not listening to the bishops..." And:

Lackadaisical = So in the meantime, you'll see me on Christmas and Easter (maybe)
Sacramentalized = us "inactive" Catholics
Pagans = it's a measure of people's ability to walk when they can do nothing else and they have no voice.


It would be interesting to know the numbers of Catholics who voted for 3rd party candidates.

As for Dejah's above comment where she says: "I'll be praying for the Church's conversion too." To what? Your own ideals? Or someone else's? Not trying to be mean, but seriously?


"Most Catholics skip Sunday Mass regularly. Most Catholics rarely if ever go to Confession. Most Catholics use contraceptives. Most Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence. Most Catholics no longer accept Church authority on any issue."

Why continue to call them Catholics at all? This is a farce.

Dejah, I invite you to leave the Church entirely. Cut the charade. And take as many of your ilk with you as you can.

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