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Monday, June 23, 2008


Sleeping Beastly

Couldn't agree more. Actually, when I first read The Da Vinci Code, I was more outraged by his crimes against the English language and literary canon than his lies about the son of God and His Church. Misplaced priorities, I suppose. Or perhaps it just seems to me that the Church is better equipped to handle libel than the Western mind is to handle linguistic and cultural rot.

Patricia Gonzalez

Sleeping Beastly, I'm with you -- it was the stylistic/grammatical errors that initially got my goat as well. I'm a former English teacher, and you can bet your beanie that if Mr. Brown had submitted work like that to me as a student, he would have gotten a huge "F" -- as for the offences against Our Lord and the Church, well, prayers come in handy here. Mr. Brown is a con artist, trying to pass himself off as a writer/theologian/historian. I first read DVC to find out what all the fuss was about. As for Angels and Demons, I think I'll save my money...

M. Jordan Lichens

What's funny to me is how many readers give Mr. Brown credibility because he's "traveled and studied at the locations." That being so, he should certainly not mess up details which are quickly verified by Google and Frommers. Also, as someone who lived in Rome for a short time, many of his errors simply could not have been committed by someone who's walked the city. Yet, so it seems, the Angels and Demons tour gets oh so many curious tourists. I guess I don't just get it, but then again I'm stuck in a backwards religion that asks me to verify once in a while. Time to get with the times, aye Carl?

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