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Friday, April 04, 2008



Demented swine.


"What I do believe to be sacred... is trying to ensure that there are as few unbalanced, destructive people as possible."

Indeed, she and other of her ilk, i.e., most of the Western world, seem to be headed in this very direction. With fewer and fewer generations like hers, mankind is truly poised for better times.


"However, what I do believe to be sacred — and, indeed, more useful to the earth as a whole — is trying to ensure that there are as few unbalanced, destructive people as possible."

This really makes me said, because this sounds a lot like a girl that I had been seeing for years, but had to finally let go of because I knew her views on such subjects could never gel with my Catholic beliefs. She always emphasized "emotional health" above all other considerations because her life was such an emotional train-wreck (sadly, because of a Presbyterian upbringing, so she was quite anti-Christian).

I just don't know what to think about people like those quoted above. They're human beings of course, and we can't allow ourselves to think otherwise, but man, they sure do make it hard. Is it ignorance? Mental disease? Evil? What the hell's going on with them?

As Henry Rollins sings: "Rise above, we're gonna rise above...". So with God's mercy, Christ's love, and the Holy Spirit's wisdom, let's rise above! Come on people, whaddya say!? :-D

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