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Saturday, February 16, 2008



i liked this better when it was called protestantism.

the jesuits and their radical political activism was cute at first. now it's gone too far. when john dear and company "pop their collars" so to speak, maybe i'll give them another chance.

reluctant penitent

I think I've found Kaiser's long lost twin:


"Just after Mahony is convicted on all counts, 590 million global viewers hear his fate: 'We sentence Cardinal Mahony to become a Christian.' Then moments later, Mexican commandos storm the compound blowing everyone away except Mahony..."

And people said Catholic literature is dead!

Hahaha! Good Lord, this guy is a trainwreck.

Ed Peters

Parody. It's gotta be a parody. Somebody tell me, it's all a campy spoof.


Do you really blame the Jebbies for this? There's a whole lotta good guys out there who cherish their Jesuit education... You can't only look at the bad guys and say it shows you what a fallen order the Jesuits are.

Virgilijus Kaulius

Tough call to make when one seeks solutions to
confusing times, as long as overthrowing authority
in not in the message! We are discussing a "novel,"
not a textbook, nor a treatise on theology.
If it sells, let it. The masses aren't that ignorant!
And they read worse in most other novels!!!
Inlcuding the recent spate of 'god-is-dead'
Atheist "novels!" (Nietzsche said this: God is dead
TO YOU PEOPLE! He did not say, GOD is dead!)

In past decades, a book tended to appear out of nowhere
about the Jesuits, in each of those decades. And all
slammed the Jesuits! My reaction: Great! That will
keep vocation interest alive! Thank-you Providence!

When was the last time I saw a book slamming the
Franciscans, or the Oblates, or the Dominicans, or...?
Never! To "experience" the Cross MEANS we are in fact
doing something right for the Right Cause!

Only through the Cross, which is the test of time,
will the Pilgrim Church proceed, as well as
our individual Spiritual Lives:
He, not we, remain in charge of Salvation History!
- virgil


I thought Cardinal Mahoney got kidnapped (at least metaphoricaly) by "liberation theologians" some time ago.

Mark Brumley

We may not be seeing the "decline and fall of liberal Catholicism"; sometime things that look dead or nearly dead can revive. However, Kaiser's screed sounds a lot like a last gasp, which is often the loudest.


"He conceives of a kind of American church "constitutional convention," like the one in 1787 in Philadelphia, creating a "constitution to supplant Roman canon law" with three branches, including a legislative branch with a House of Bishops and House of Commons, both filled by the election by voting Catholics."

Hmm... where have I heard of something like that before?

Oh yeah, THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH. And look how well that works!

Gail Finke



Thankyou Carl! You should post more of this sometime. The liberal Catholics can be quite an amusing lot.

I laughed especially with the part about liberation theologians capturing mahoney. As if those who practice liberation theology are even capable of that...

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